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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Tips for Different Types of Photography from Fashion to Landscape

With the way that technology is changing the landscape of digital imaging and print art, it can be hard to determine what the best techniques are. It can feel like there is so much information out there that you are not sure where to look to get the right recommendations and advice. In my opinion, it all really depends on what type of photography you are looking to focus on, because each style and subject tends to require different ways of working and can even require different skills. This can almost make it easier when you are looking to learn more about something, because then you might be able to pin point the knowledge you are looking for a little more so that you can really gain more insight into a particular field or method.

I have not been practicing photography for that long but I do have a lot of friends who are in the industry and I have definitely pick up a few things along the way. I would say the best way to learn anything is to act as an intern and work with someone who is very familiar with the skill you are trying to master. Not only will this be a great learning opportunity but you will also get the chance to develop a relationship with someone who might act as your mentor or be able to give you recommendations and refer you to certain job opportunities. Here are a few tips for different types of photography.

Fashion Photography

Whether you are shooting for Aldo or your best friend’s clothing line, you want to be super creative in these types of roles. Here is where you can get a little funky and let your imaginative side show. There may be stricter guidelines from the client, but as a rule, fashion photography has he freedom to be silly, sexy, and serious all at once so feel free to play around with ideas.

Street Photography

One of the best recommendations I can make for street photography is to get a camera that has an option for the silent shutter. This makes a huge difference when you are trying to be low profile. A silent shutter will allow you to take a photo without anyone knowing, which can sometimes be the goal if you are trying to capture real life. I love the Sony 6,500 because of this and many other reasons. I own the model just before it so I do not have the silent shutter option but the camera itself is great and I would highly recommend it.

Landscape Photography

When you are aiming to get more involved with landscape photography, it is important to have a good tripod. Often landscape photography requires you to set up in one place for a long time until you get that perfect show with the right lighting from the perfect type of day. You may be trying to catch some movement as well and a tripod will really make a difference here if you want some pieces of the photo blurred and others to be clearer,